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The Purpose of Life


ECK Light and Sound Service

All in all, earth is a spiritual school. Designed and set up by God, it lets each of us, each Soul in this world, learn more about becoming godlike—becoming more like God.
The whole purpose of you, me and everyone else is to become more godlike. It is our mission or purpose, here. It’s the key to happiness.
—Harold Klemp, Is Life a Random Walk? pp. 11-12

As we journey on in the school of life, we discover our true self, as Soul. When we enter this awareness, our viewpoint is forever changed. Since this is awareness beyond the limitations of the mind we can finally realize our true purpose, and act upon it.

The key to attaining all of the above is to live by certain spiritual principles. Sound interesting? If so, you’ll want to attend this ECK Light and Sound Service. Hear stories and examples of how these principles can enhance one’s spiritual practice regardless of your chosen path.

There will be:

– Stories about living within these spiritual principles
– Practical tips to help you see them in your own life
– Open discussion where you can share your experience or simply listen

It’s an opportunity to spend a little time with like-hearted people.


Feb 12 2023


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


The Benton House
312 S Downey Ave, Indianapolis, IN

The event is finished.