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Going Beyond Meditation


ECK Spiritual Discussion

You’ve relaxed and quieted your mind . . . now what?

You can learn to open your third eye, view past lives, travel out of the body, experience spiritual light and sound, and meet with inner guides on higher planes. Maybe you’ve already had one of these experiences and are yearning to learn more. Do you dare to go beyond the mundane material world that the mass of humanity is limited to? You can open up to inner worlds and have the proof of them by your own firsthand experience.

Discover the techniques and inner teachers that can help you go beyond meditation to something more. Your contemplation time can become a spiritual adventure! Actively explore the inner worlds of your being!

Join us for an open discussion of these topics. You can participate or just listen as you desire. No admission fee ever. Invite a friend!


Mar 18 2023


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Sunspot Natural Market
3717 S. Reed Rd, Kokomo

The event is finished.